Through our partners we offer international training to governments, agencies, law enforcement and security services on how to identify, detect, and detect areas of criminalization, particularly in the area of Human Trafficking and the nexus between this and Terrorism. 

Delivering consultancy and training to law enforcement, business and the 3rd sector. Areas covered are combatting organized crime, human trafficking, business continuity, risk management, use of force and protecting yourself and your business. Working with the UNODC, OSCE, ICMPD and ERA across the world.

Providing expert witness testimony for a number of legal chambers across the UK.esigning

Designing and delivering training for police, social services and third sector staff on child-trafficking, child protection and EC funding stream.

Developing EC level projects and writing EC funding bids with partners successful in winning over £4 million individually and for clients. Partners include UK and EU police forces, the offices of Police and Crime Commissioners and NGOs across the UK.

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