Our Partner and Board Member, Bernie Gravett recently delivered training to Uzbekistan law enforcement on the nexus between human trafficking and terrorism on behalf of the OSCE.

I have just returned from working for the OSCE in Uzbekistan delivering a course on human trafficking, at the same time examining the nexus between this and terrorism. Uzbekistan is a progressive country that sits in an important position geographically in the world.

It is a beautiful country in the flux of change and they recognise that they cannot fight change alone.

The OSCE are conducting excellent projects in the country and the wider region and I am proud to be part of this 3 year project. The course was designed at their request to examine the definitions of both forms of criminality and to compare the recruitment methods of both criminal and terrorist groups, the financing and the organisational structures.

I found the 24 participants keen and willing to learn from our experiences. Beyond the definitions we explored how to manage investigations including crime scene investigation, investigative interviewing techniques and international cooperation.

Our team of 3 trainers from Specialist Policing Consultancy also learned of the challenges facing this developing country. Keen on tourism, they are relaxing visa procedures which could in turn change the dynamics of criminality and migration.

I look forward to returning to this beautiful country and experiencing another friendly welcome.


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