Our Work

TACT - Technology Against Child Trafficking

We use TACT to track and trace accounts in the cyber crime world and to discover and investigate those monies associated with the crime of human trafficking.
“Every wallet we have traced so far is associated with a human trafficking flagged account – every single one.” 
With our partners we support the development of and the deployment of existing and leading edge technology to Prevent, Protect and Prosecute the crime of child and human trafficking.

RRR - Rapid Response for Refugee team

With our partners (Mitmark, and others), we created a Rapid Response for Refugee team that will deploy to a humanitarian crisis within 48 hours, to supply humanitarian needs, protect and prevent trafficking at the borders, promoting safe passage for women and children, deploying appropriate technology to help with this and to deter criminals.

Advocacy, Awareness and Education

We advocate and raise awareness for this issue by talking and advising governments, agencies and business and civil society on the topic of technology and child and human trafficking and how it can protect, prevent and increase prosecutions.

The Life Cycle of Safety

We are creating a training program for some of the  refugees so they may find work in web 3.0 and cybersecurity. This will help them to rebuild their lives as well as have remote positions that they can do with their children at home, or from anywhere in the world to build up their financial security and to keep their children from being at risk.