Our Impact 2022

We are saving lives, and governments and agencies are saving time and saving money on having to find and save children and people, and then re-enter them back into society. Many will then require lifetime care to be rehabilitated once they have been trafficked. We want to prevent this crime before it costs the suffering of children.

TACT - Technology Against Child Trafficking

With partners like Mitmark, we deployed technology at the Medyka, Ukraine and Poland border which impacted 450,000 lives in one month – approximately 1,350,000* Million Lives have been touched by this technology, most of them women and children.

This also provided a deterrent for criminals.

The team succeeded in creating global firsts in the crypto and scammer space. Freezing global assets of NFT Scammers, created a new way of serving criminals, sourced criminal accounts and continue to investigate criminal activity.

RRR - Rapid Response for Refugee team

With our Partners like Mitmark, Deployment of RRR within 48 hrs with team and humanitarian supplies to Ukraine Deployed from March – June 2022

Established an office in the Medyka region, created a protected supply station for non-lethal supplies which is protected and monitored.

Assisted in working with the refugee registration process, coordinated where needed with on the ground volunteers, providing support and protection.

Provided technology assistance iPads, etc. and deployed TACT

Physically intervened with kidnappers and traffickers preventing physical kidnapping sometimes guarding women and children overnight.

Advocacy, Awareness and Education

Met with UK Parliamentary APG and issued a report for parliament of the border status.

Advised business and NGOs on Human Trafficking Awareness and safety protocols for visits to the borders. 

Public speaking at Human Trafficking, Crypto and Blockchain events.