Technology ​For Good

We are partnering with new technology companies to fight the crime of child and human trafficking. Using technology for good to combat and solve the global issues surrounding Child and Human Trafficking. 

We work with start-ups to build this technology, to fund it and to take it to market. Putting the technology for good in the right hands to make a difference. 

We look at  ‘Technology for Good’ from two viewpoints;

People Facing Technologies bringing – Awareness, Funding and Support. These initiatives are focused at the broadest populations so that people can contribute and direct their help to initiatives that they choose.

System Level Technologies to – Discover, Develop, and Deploy. Using these new technologies to fight and stop the Multi-Billion dollar business that is Child and Human Trafficking.

We work with technology that specifically is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development goals. 

Some of the technology we are working with was originally developed to fight terrorism and is now we are adapting it to be deployed specifically to fight the crime of human trafficking. 

Through SoSA we are an accredited agent to present, sell and work with Governments throughout the world.

But there’s more, we also partner with companies that are delivering services to people …. you can read more about those partnerships here.

Want to know more, join us, work with us …

SosaCorp is involved in a wide range of disciplines that span the government and commercial sectors.


Kumu is a powerful data visualization platform that helps you organize complex information into interactive relationship maps.


Digital Life Collective researches, develops, funds and supports Tech We Trust, technologies that prioritize personal  autonomy, privacy and dignity.

More provides a new paradigm of empowerment through data, where privacy is paramount.


DominoOne gives you the venue to help solve any issue facing YOUR world.


Current Users Of Our Technology