Our Story

Stop Child Traffic is ‘powered by’ ‘Innovation for Good’ – a company that works to discover and develop technology that prevents harm to women and children.

The global pandemic hit, and the world hit pause. Then, the Ukraine / Russian War hit us all, and someone hit play for us, namely our partner at KlaatuITSecurity. 

Coming together with a group of amazing like-minded people, to work together to further a project – together – for the people of Ukraine. Together doing much more! 

We cannot be more thankful to our partners and to a bunch of good eggs who have supported us, worked with us and who walk with us on the journey to protect women and children from trafficking. 


Stop Child Foundation powered Technology Against Child Trafficking, (TACT), is addressing the gap in the financial disruption of human trafficking to bring criminals of human trafficking to justice and to keep people safe.


We are 

  • Disrupting the criminal digital financial models 
  • Deploying on the ground to protect refugees and bring humanitarian aid
  • Protecting and Preventing victims from being trafficked
  • Saving societies Trillions of dollars and resources while fighting crime

A leading-edge technology and process for investigating cybercrime creating many global firsts like securing the first global freeze on a NFT accounts, discovers more crimes. On the journey of investigating scams we see that 




BUT We have stop investigating after recovering the funds for paying clients missing the opportunity to stop human trafficking crimes.


Meanwhile, the war in Ukraine starts and we join forces as a nimble team with deep knowledge of human trafficking, with expertise in military intelligence and cyber security deploying Rapid Response for Refugees within 48hrs we are in Ukraine. 


We see human trafficking everywhere. We ask – Why?


Why aren’t we stopping by going after that money and taking the real criminals down? How can we make a difference, these are children’s lives we are talking about…


Stop Child Traffic powered TACT and RRR were created just for this moment.