The Board

Bernie Gravett

Director of Specialist Policing Consultancy, is an expert in countering organized crime at an international level, training governments and organizations around the world in anti-human trafficking. Bernie successfully lobbied and had adopted the EC Directive on THB 36 EN. (Download the PDF)

Jax Harrison

CEO of JaxHarrisonNetwork, a Global Ambassador for Inspiring Rarebirds, and a board member of the Justice Project of Kansas City, a human rights initiative advocating for and supporting system-challenged women in need. While living in Peru, Jax served on the Canadian Women’s Embassy Board, as Chair of Charity, and helped found a Non-for-Profit for Father Joes Orphanage to help children escape hostile terrorists areas.

John Philpin

Senior Executive with 30 years in the Software industry on both sides of the Atlantic. Now laying the ground work for people to better understand, work and engage in a ‘Corporate First World’.

Giles Watkins

Giles Watkins is the UK Country Leader of the International Association of Privacy Professionals, and amongst other things Founder of, a group based in the UK that focus on connecting Innovation to real world problems. He is considered an expert in privacy and cyber security, and blockchain technology. Giles served as KPMG Partner in the global Information Protection practice focusing on helping clients identify, define and address challenges and opportunities around Privacy, Identity and Cyber Security.


Kris Wade

Kris Wade is Founder of the KC Justice project, a humanitarian project serving survivors of human trafficking.  Kris is a Human Trafficking Survivor herself, currently, she is serving on both of the Kansas and Missouri  Attorney Generals Boards on their business coalition to fight human trafficking. Kris is also on the Missouri  Department of Justices Board as an advisor for anti human trafficking.  Kris works closely with the FBI, law-enforcement and front line agencies to educate and train in the fight against anti- Human Trafficking. She is also a TedX speaker.