Human Trafficking is $150 billion global business, of which estimated $99 billion comes from the sex trade alone, primarily exploiting women and children under the age of 18.

The only way to fight this is to take away the market.

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The Business and Agency Coalition – Fighting business with good business


  • Create a global coalition of businesses and agencies involved in the fight against child trafficking.
  • Use technology to promote awareness and prevention through globally accepted standards, education, and certification to increase prosecutions.
  • Use the coalition to actively promote development and adoption of those global standards.
  • Invest in a global standard for training, education, certification, awareness, and communication for those involved in the fight against child trafficking.
  • Increase awareness, prevention, and prosecutions of abusers internationally.

One Global Standard

While the Palermo Protocols are globally-accepted guidelines about Human Trafficking, they do not address the education, training and certification to prevent Human Trafficking.

There are also no international standards set for the operation of businesses creating transparency and certified education of its members in anti-human trafficking. [Source] (1).

We believe in international standards and best practices for the education, training or certification of agencies, law enforcement and businesses to prevent Human Trafficking.

Our Initiatives

International standards and education of law enforcement, government agencies, and global businesses to aid in the prevention of human trafficking would increase the prosecutions and convictions of human trafficking perpetrators around the globe.

Good secure digital identity solutions would aid in the prevention of human trafficking, preventing traffickers from holding documentation and enabling the illegal passage of minors.

One secure digital platform could provide education, certification, reporting, mapping, data collection, and resources to better enable prevention, successful prosecutions, convictions, and recovery of trafficked humans.

Raising global public awareness by standards and education of what to look for in both the private sector and enforcement will result in a trust economy with private citizens who will seek out those commercial entities that are transparent and certified in anti-human trafficking.

  • Standard training and certification could be done online in secure platforms, tailored to each type of law enforcement, government agencies, and global businesses.
  • The resulting levels of certification could become a global standard that ALL agencies involved in the fight against human trafficking would recognize and participate with.

Any global business that receives the certification would be transparently saying to its customers that it does not partake in Human Trafficking and that it has trained its key employees to recognize and report on child and human trafficking. It would include the supply chain and the customer service protocols. This would create value and advantage for that business with its customers in today’s trust economy.

Footnote: 1. UK MSA 2015 is an attempt to force businesses and agencies to become transparent.