What We Are Doing

“Child Trafficking can only be broken when we disrupt the cycle by global businesses and agencies working together and using technology to create one global standard, to educate, certify, promote awareness, prevent and prosecute.”

Creating a Different Pathway

Global Standards

We are working with businesses and agencies to create globally accepted standards of education, training, certification and communications on one secure technology platform.

We believe the international adoption of standards will lead to increased identification and protection of victims, awareness and prevention of child trafficking, and—most importantly—criminal prosecutions.

Human Trafficking is $150 billion global business – we can use collaboration between businesses and agencies to disrupt this market.

Child victims of trafficking are often arrested to get them off the streets and processed as criminals. We need a new process so that the prosecutions and arrests are moved from the abused to the abuser. Investing in global standards, and training, education, and certification of all members of the related systems will help to identify victims and prosecute abusers.

Our Goals:


To prevent the global Human Trafficking of Children and increase prosecutions of Human Traffickers.


  •  To prevent the global Human Trafficking of children and increase prosecutions of Human Traffickers.
  • To provide internationally recognized education and certification on the prevention of child and human trafficking.To collaborate with global businesses and agencies to raise awareness and increase education of the public to prevent child and human trafficking.
  • To provide one place for resources and education to all involved in the prevention of child and human trafficking.